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Payroll Services

Payroll preparation can be very time consuming, confusing and costly. Some businesses get into trouble, or pay outlandish penalties, for not correctly filing payroll tax returns or paying the taxes when due. In addition, determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor is an area where there is much confusion. An incorrect application of the laws can cost the business a tremendous amount of headaches and money.

Rhoden CPA Firm can help you establish a relationship with a reputable payroll service at a very reasonable cost. We use other payroll services because we have found that they are better suited to perform this repetitive task at much lower fees than we can, leaving us to be able to focus on the more complex aspects of your business.


  • Payroll checks are timely and accurately prepared with little effort from your accounting staff.
  • Payroll taxes are computed correctly and paid when due.
  • All payroll tax returns are correctly prepared, verified and filed on time.
  • You save both time and money.

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