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Audit and Review Services

At Rhoden CPA Firm we provide all means of auditing and review services for both privately held businesses and not-for-profit organizations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of our profession and comply with all qualifications promulgated by our professions state and national governing bodies. In that vein we subject the firm to a triannual review (Quality Review) by an independent Certified Public Accountant. Their report is available upon request.

While an audit or review in and of itself is a worthwhile endeavor we strive to add extra value to each engagement. We do this by using the wealth of information gathered during our testing and analytical review to help the business owner or manager more efficiently and profitably operate the business or organization. Invariably during the course of an audit or review the accountant will observe operating trends and statistical relationships that could prove to be very helpful.

At the conclusion of each engagement we not only inform management of accounting issues that come to our attention we also convey useful operating information to help management operate the business or organization more efficiently and profitably.

As with all our engagements we tell our clients to ask us the toughest question, in our opinion, that a client can ask (and should ask)....."What can I do better this year than I did last year?" "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer!

To see what services we can provide for your business or organization please call (706) 724-7979 or E-mail us today!