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Accounting Services

While each business has its own needs, there are three basic reasons for using an independent accounting service. These reasons are:

  1. To determine the financial condition of the business.
  2. To assure that all required governmental filings are met and tax returns are correctly filed on time.
  3. To save tax dollars.

The Rhoden CPA Firm philosophy in providing these needs is:

  1. To help our clients establish internal controls and a record keeping system that retains all needed information and uses a minimum of their time. It is most important in today's world to have a good internal control system. This system can be as simple, or complex, as fits the client's particular business. For those clients that use a computer to maintain their records, we offer special training in QuickBooks® or Peachtree® software.
  2. Periodically, we obtain our clients bookkeeping records. From this data we prepare any sales, payroll or other tax returns that are due. After making the necessary adjustments to the client data, we prepare financial statements. These statements give a complete picture of the clients' financial position and are prepared in such a manner to be easily understood.
  3. We are very aggressive in tax planning and helping our clients limit their tax liability. From our clients' financial information, we prepare tax planning modules and develop tax saving strategies. There are many steps than can be taken to save taxes, and we suggest these to our clients long before the due dates of the returns.

If you have a question, or want more information, please call:

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